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December: Test shots with new scopes/mounts

Dec 21: TMB 80/480 Arrives!

Dec 3: AP1200 Arrives!

Nov 30: TMB 152/1200 Arrives!


Greetings and Welcome

Welcome to my astrophotography pages. Here you'll find images, articles, and even an entire cookbook describing my astrophotography technique.

Most of these images are of Deep Space Objects (DSOs) — nebulae, galaxies, clusters — and are acquired with Canon DSLR cameras of various models and modifications. There are a few images of the moon and planets too, the better ones having been acquired with a webcam.

All images are categorized by object type, by scope, by camera, etc. Click on the links at the left to see images matching the selected category, sorted by date of acquisition. Or, enter the catalog number or common name of any celestial object into the Search box on the right (e.g., "M42", "IC 4805" "Rosette Nebula", "Saturn", "Moon") to find matching images.

Feedback is welcome.