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Image Details:

Camera: Philips ToUcam Pro II (840k)
Mount: Celestron AS-GT
Scope: Orion ED80 (80mm f/7.5 APO Refractor)
Configuration: Eyepiece Projection
Additional Optics: University Optics 7mm HD Ortho
Filter: None
Effective Focal Length: 3500mm
Effective Focal Ratio: f/44
Exposure: 256 frames @ 1/25s, 10fps, neutral brightness, gamma, saturation, and minimum gain
Date: 12/24/2004, 9:38pm PST
Location: Saratoga, CA, USA
Acquisition: Philips VRecord
Focus: Manual
Dithering: None
Guiding: None


  • Registax: Registration, best-frame selection, stacking, wavelet processing
  • Photoshop: Levels, Annotations, JPG conversion

Image Description:

This is my first webcam shot of the moon, using the Orion ED80 rig I used to image saturn the same night. More of an experiment than anything else. I used the Lunar and Planetary Institute's Consolidated Lunar Atlas and the Virtual Moon Atlas to figure out what portion of the moon I had captured. North is up.