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Jupiter   [obsolete]

Image Details:

Camera: Canon Digital Rebel (300D)
Mount: Celestron AS-GT
Scope: Celestron C8-N (8" f/5 Newtonian)
Configuration: Eyepiece Projection
Additional Optics: Celestron "Kit" 9mm Plössl
Filter: None
Effective Focal Length: 6650mm
Effective Focal Ratio: f/33.2
Exposure: 20 x 0.3 second @ ISO 100
Date: 6/21/2004, 9:41pm PDT
Location: Saratoga, CA, USA
Acquisition: Manual
Focus: Manual
Dithering: None
Guiding: None


  • IRIS: registration, stacking, wavelet processing, cropping
  • Photoshop: Saturation, levels, JPG conversion

Image Description:

A decent Jupiter picture, but DSLRs just can't compete with webcams for planetary imaging in my opinion. The dark spot in the center of the North Equatorial Band is Jupiter's moon Ganymede. The pale, reddish patch on the far right side of the South Equatorial Band is Jupiter's Great Red Spot, affectionately known these days as the Great Pale Spot, since it's color has faded over the years. This is a crop of the full-size image. Earth's North is up, so Jupiter appears tilted counter-clockwise by 23.5°.